2020 Mercedes-Benz E-class new design and all cabin details

As far as the visual part is concerned, it can be said that the most noticeable differences in design are the direction of the two companies, but that they are both made using the same recipe.
E-Class easily differs from the regular model with its exterior, while the E-Class All Terrain looks like a regular T-Model.
Both cars offer extended hoods, rounded roof lines, but the style separates them.
The E-Class with innovative assistance systems goes beyond the S-Class.
Mercedes-Benz is making a big step forward in the future with the new E-Class. The limo of the business class of the tenth generation stands out in its style in the form of striking, progressive design and quality, exclusive interior.
The new E-Class also represents the world premiere of many technological innovations. They allow, among other things, a new level of comfortable and safe driving, as well as new possibilities to help the driver.
The vehicle is equipped with control, information and entertainment systems that provide a completely new experience. For example, a brand new diesel engine developed to achieve new standards of efficiency in this area, together with lightweight construction and optimum aerodynamic specifications.
The set of all innovations, including the Active Lane-change Assistant, which allows the driver to easily move to the desired tread, makes E-Class the most intelligent business-class sedan.