My Ferrari GTC4Lusso Has a Novitec Switchtronic Exhaust!

I bought my Ferrari GTC4Lusso to enjoy the sound of the V12, but between the engine and a heavenly exhaust note lies an exhaust valve control... The solution to this, fit a Novitec Switchtronic kit to let it sing!

Join me with the Lusso back in the UK from the Where's Shmee tour to head to Duke of London where the Switchtronic is installed. The process involves removing some components to position and wire the control box behind the bumper with two choices for the switch that then operates it either by a remote fob, or a cigarette socket button.

The Ferrari GTC4Lusso has a 6.3l NA V12, one of the greatest sounding engines of all time and one of the fundamental reasons I chose to buy the car. However, after the FF, the newer car is positioned more as a GT than before and that includes the exhaust valves been more intrusive. While Novitec also offer full exhaust systems that can make it sound like a V12 F1 car, as it's my daily driver the ability to keep it normal was also very important to me.

You can find more info about the Novitec Switchtronic here:

A special thanks also to Duke of London for the installation:

Thanks for watching, Tim